img_4584Growing up I think my proverbial invisible line  of security was the exterior walls of our family home. If I found myself inside those lines for too long I usually ended up finding the proverbial wooden spoon across my ass. So I typically stayed outdoors in the woods surrounding our home, which was great! It would keep me busy for hours. I think those times were what created my adventurous nature. I would spend days thinking I was an Indian living off the land, building shelters and bow and arrows out of sticks and string. Or I would be fishing out of the small brook near our house. The extent of my traveling in those days was the annual family camping trip to Bayley’s Family Campground in Scarborough, ME. A great tradition started by my parents when I was 1 year old and it’s still going on today. I have only missed 2 years in my 35.

img_4585I think my interest in traveling started around the same time as my wife’s. I was a sophomore at Bucksport High School. GO BUCKS! I was required to take World Geography. I was surprised to find the class quite interesting. I didn’t care much for learning about world news and all that boring stuff, but I do remember seeing slides of Africa, Peru and Greenland and thinking to myself that someday if I had the means I would like to see some of these places. Well, at the age of 35, I have seen all 3 of those places and many more, thanks to my adventurous nature pushing me to follow my wife and her dreams.

-The Beard