There’s nothing quite like packing up the camper, hopping into the diesel truck and hitting the road for a good ole fashion camping adventure. We decided to take the camper and the dog into unchartered international territory, Prince Edward Island (PEI).

The only thing between us and PEI was about 7 hours of driving and an 8 mile bridge linking the mainland of Canada with the island. It’s called Confederation Bridge. It’s 8 miles long and it takes about 12 minutes to cross. It doesn’t cost a thing to get across into PEI, but be prepared to fork over $46 for a 2 axel vehicle (as of 2015) in order to come back home.

During our stay in PEI, we wanted to find a campground near PEI National Park, Cavendish. Our research lead us to the Twin Shores Campground.

This little piece of paradise is located on the northern shore of Prince Edward Island in Darnley. Its central location, modern facilities and spectacular scenery make it the ideal place for a camping getaway. And with amenities such as a laundromat, general store, fitness center and dog park, everything you need is right on site. There are also 3 beaches that are steps away from the campground…literally. We could see the beach through the trees at our campsite.

PEI is small, but its home to over 25 golf courses, so it’s basically a golf mecca. We hit the links at Eagles Glenn Golf Course to see if we could keep it in the fairway. This spectacular course offered a stunning landscape, inspiring views, and it was the perfect place to “attempt” to keep it in the fairway.

Biking is another popular activity on PEI. No matter what your game — quiet rides in the country that provide frame after frame of breathtaking photographs, day-long tours that test skill and endurance, or bone-shaking terrain that will challenge both bike and rider, PEI is the destination of choice for die-hard and casual cyclists alike.

One of the most authentic and relaxing things you can do on PEI is find a beach, lose your shoes and just walk. There are miles and miles of red sand around every corner that offers amazing scenery that just can’t be replicated. Whether you prefer napping in the sun, splashing in the water, building a sandcastle, enjoying a leisurely stroll, or capturing that unforgettable sunset, there’s a beach that’s perfect for it.

After all the adventures of the day, you pack it up and head back to your home away from home. The camper is there, waiting, for more memories to be made.  Whether the memory is locking the keys in the camper, which leads to The Blonde having to climb through the port hole of the camper to save the day….


…or having the bright idea that we’d cook a pizza over the open fire….

…there’s always a good laugh that is waiting to be had. PEI is a great place to make those memories. PEI is about getting outside, becoming one with nature and seeking adventure around every turn.