Spring has sprung and we’re already into the month of April. That means Spring Break is over and the inebriated college kids have gone back to school and are no longer swamping the beaches of the Yucatán peninsula. BUT, Cancun is so much more than the tropical version of a drunken frat party. It offers the perfect combination of stunning beaches, great food and archeological wonders, which makes it the perfect place to explore on your next vacation. Here is why.

Cancun’s hotel zone strip is made up of mostly all-inclusive mega resorts. They offer the convenience of not having to worry about where and what your next meal will be. You get to leave your purse/wallet locked up in the room safe while you take advantage of the many restaurants, bars and beach side huts. If you’re looking for your fruity drinks to be a little more potent, make sure you bring your $1 bills. A dollar or two goes a long ways in making your drink pack a little more punch.

If you haven’t heard of Chichen Itza, you must not have paid attention during the Mayan chapter of your high school history class. Chichen Itza is the biggest and baddest of the Mayan archaeological sites on the Yucatán peninsula and is only rivaled by Tikal in Guatemala as the most important Mayan structure.

You can arrange a tour right at your hotel. Expect to pay around $70-$85 per person for a full day tour.

The Tulum ruins are the only ones set along the coast on an impressive 45 foot cliff facing the Caribbean. Even if you are not into history, Mayan culture, or architecture – these sea views are sure to leave you breathless. You can even visit the beach at Tulum for a swim in the turquoise waters.

Although there are countless destinations to choose from for your next vacation, Mexico should be a top contender considering its vast diversity of natural beauty, climates, activities, food and drinks, flora and fauna, not to mention the tremendous value you will find traveling there. So brush up on your Español  and consider Cancun for your next trip south of the border.