Our impromptu getaway to Washington D.C. was a last minute decision.  We were in Baltimore for work purposes and had limited time to explore. We made the decision that if we quickly found our way to the train station not far from our hotel, we could be in D.C.’s Union Station in about 35 minutes. By the time we arrived the museums would definitely be closed, but we would try to pound the pavement and see everything we could that didn’t require a formal admission. And that is exactly what we did.

After leaving Union Station our first stop would be the Capital Building. img_4133


This is also the location where you can get your cliche photo of the Washington Monument.

It was at this point when we realized that the sky was being painted beautiful colors of blue, pink and orange. The sandstone and marble monuments began to take on a magical hue. There was no such thing as taking a bad picture.

The sky looked to be on fire. A bright glow of orange beamed from behind the Lincoln Memorial. The Blonde ran to get to the optimal perch to take a photo of the Lincoln Memorial from across the water. The Beard walked leisurely behind, laughing, thinking she was crazy. He may have been mumbling something, perhaps questioning whether this was where Jenny swam across the water in Forrest Gump. Anyway, we got the shot. Who’s laughing now?img_4177

The World War II Memorial is an excellent place to show your local pride. The fountains, flags and pool are symbolic of the the spirit, sacrifice, and commitment of the American people.

It was getting darker and the last bit of fire in the sky was burning out by the time we reached the Vietnam Memorial. A humbling experience to say the least. The vast amount of names on that wall is astonishing. The print is so small and keeps going and going.

The last stop was the Lincoln Memorial. An epic way to end our 2+ mile trek down the National Mall.

We saw all these amazing buildings and memorials within a few hours, lit by the afterglow of another day in our country’s capital.