It can be called a zip-line,  aerial runway, flying fox or a death slide. No matter what you call it, zip lining is the type of adrenaline rush that stimulates the senses and keeps you wanting more and more.

A trip to Puerto Vallarta is not complete unless you sign up to experience Mexico’s longest and fastest zip line. Located in a protected tropical forest just outside of Puerto Vallarta, you will zip through a stunning treetop canopy on a series of thrilling zip lines reaching speeds up to 60 mph.

We used a company called Vallarta Adventures which was recommended by our local hotel. They picked us up from our hotel and brought us to their headquarters so we could sign our life away and get a detailed briefing.

They break you in gently by starting you out on a “baby” zip line. They teach you how to mount up, how to slow down as you approach the end of the line and how to land.

And then you’re off. Gravity is your friend as it propels you down the slope to your next destination.

As your confidence improves and you get more daring, there may be opportunities to get wild and crazy. This may come in the form of hanging upside down as you scream across the Mexican rainforest. img_5408At the very end of the adventure, as your last zip line approaches, they let you get in one final upside down ride. In this case, you might get wet.

And to top it all off, you get brought back to the headquarters on an ass. That’s right, an ass.

Zip lining offers travelers a unique means of accessing beautiful and remote natural areas. And although they undoubtedly boost the adrenaline of each and every participant, it’s also a great way to become educated on protecting these amazing rainforests for future generations.