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Greece was our first trip abroad so it was met with uncertainly, excitement and the unknown. Would we be able to able to communicate? Would we be able to find our way around the city of Athens on our own? What the heck would we do on an 8 hour flight? Well, come to find out, there was no need to worry. The flight was a piece of cake thanks to an open row of seats next to us, tiny bottles of Jack Daniels and endless bags of pretzels. We were able to take the train from the airport to the center of town and walk to our hotel. And everyone at restaurants, ticket counters and public transportation spoke English. What a relief!!

We went to Greece in September and the weather was absolutely perfect. Blue skies and temperatures in the 70s offered a great combination for exploring the city of Athens. The food, of course, was amazing, with some of our favorites being the traditional Greek salad and gyros.

And then there was the Acropolis, with the Parthenon being at the center of it all. This site was what drew us to this country in the first place. The amount of history here is off the charts. To lay eyes on this architectural  masterpiece was nothing short of amazing and certainly a highlight of our trip.