Lindsay (aka The Blonde) and Kenny (aka The Beard) have been married since 2008 and have been exploring the world ever since.

If you want to read about romantic whirlwind getaways or fairytales with all the perfect details, this is NOT the blog for you.

If you’re interested in exploring the world with an average couple who finds extraordinary places and adventures, well then, now you’re talking. We’ll take you places near and far and some destinations you’ve never even heard of. We want to open your eyes to experiences that are within your reach, that you never realized.img_89803830e51a-1

When we’re on a vacation we often look at each and say, “Who does this?” Whether it’s going down 380 feet inside an extinct volcano in Iceland or taking a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti in Tanzania.

We’re not rich and we have not won the lottery. Although Kenny does believe he will at some point in his life. We have full time jobs and work 40+ hours a week. Some people say “You’re so lucky to be able to travel!” No! We are not lucky. We work our ass off and make shit happen. We don’t just talk about doing something crazy, we spring into action and make it happen. We’re hard workers, but we know how to play. It’s not rocket science. We prioritize our hobbies, work hard and live life to the fullest. The thing is, you think you have time. Maybe you do, but what if you don’t? We want to look back and say, “Can you believe we did that?” rather than say, “I wish we had done that.”

So come with us and we’ll show you the way. From how to save money for your dream vacation, finding the best destinations for your interests or just to hear some funny stories from our own experiences. We have lots of material.

So pack your bags, make sure your tray tables are in the upright and locked position and get ready for take off….

-The Beard and the Blonde