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18 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Greece

Greece was our first trip abroad so it was met with uncertainly, excitement and the unknown. Would we be able to able to communicate? Would we be able to find our way around the city of Athens on our own?... Continue Reading →


Exploring Serengeti National Park

It is without a doubt, the best-known wildlife sanctuary in the world: Serengeti National Park.  We all have seen the Discovery Channel or National Geographic documentaries that show wildebeest grazing on the savanna or a lion seeking out its next... Continue Reading →

Exploring Lake Manyara National Park

When you go on your first African safari, you remember certain things: Your excitement the morning of your first game drive, the first time you see an animal in the wild and the moment you realize that your wildest dreams are... Continue Reading →

The Golden Circle – The Best of Iceland

Iceland is a nordic island nation that may seem like a world away, but in reality,  a 4.5 hour flight (from Boston) is the only thing that stands between you and the land of fire and ice.  There is something truly magical... Continue Reading →

Staying at Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge

The Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge was the second stop on our African safari adventure. Checking into the lodge knowing that we were surrounded by African wildlife was an absolute thrill. A number of baboons could be found roaming around the property along... Continue Reading →

The Hawaii of Korea? Visit Jeju Island

As a top honeymoon spot for Korean newlyweds, Jeju Island offers numerous unique attractions and is considered an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It you take a look at the climate and geography, it actually is nothing like Hawaii, but visitors... Continue Reading →

Staying at the Arusha Coffee Lodge

The Arusha Coffee Lodge is the perfect place to start or end an East African safari.  The plantation was our first stop on our 12 day safari adventure. What a way to meet Tanzania! When you first arrive on the property, you... Continue Reading →

Up, Up and Away: A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over the Serengeti

A hot air balloon ride anywhere is an amazing experience. But experiencing a hot air balloon ride over Serengeti National Park....well, that's on a whole other level. Period. A hot air balloon ride was an optional excursion when we booked our... Continue Reading →

36 Hours in Nashville

  You don't have to love country music to enjoy this Tennessee town, but let's be certainly helps. With music blaring from nearly every street corner, it's a country music fans dream. We spent a couple of days in Nashville and... Continue Reading →

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